Denny Thomas

Denny Thomas

Denny Thomas Chempazha

Denny Thomas is a renowned Global Peace Messenger recognized for his significant contributions to the promotion of world peace, spirituality, and sustainable living.

Born in 1967 in Kerala, India, Denny came from a humble background, raised in a Knanaya Christian family of simple farmers with a Jewish lineage.

After completing his basic education at St. Augustine High School Karimkunnam, Kerala, Denny embarked on a journey that combined business pursuits and social work activities. Denny says "I am an autodidact student in the University of Nature as a lifelong self-directed learner." Despite facing hardships, he worked diligently sincerely and with the support of friends and well-wishers to overcome challenges, eventually rising to success.

In 2002, Denny Thomas founded the Chempazha Academy, which later evolved into the corporate entity Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd. India, in partnership with his great friend, who also shares the same name, Denny Thomas. Denny retired in the year 2020.

Denny is committed to giving back to society, driven by his mission of "global peace through health and prosperity". He collaborates with friends, social reformers and naturalists to effect positive change in society, particularly in the field of HEALTH; the well-being state of body, mind and soul.

Denny Thomas's profound passion for sustainable living inspired him to establish Amrithagiri Eco Life, a social venture located in the pristine and ecologically diverse region of Kerala(est. 2012) and Nilkant, Uttarakhand Himalayas(est. 2018). He continues to champion sustainable living and environmental restoration, with the support of his life partner, Jyothisha Denny and his great friend Sri Mahipal Singh.

Denny Thomas's commitment to promoting India’s spiritual heritage with a modern perspective has fostered a collaborative relationship with Integral Books founded by the profound Guruji late SrikantJi to achieve their shared goals of human evolution. He continues his spiritual journey in the Himalayas with a mission of inner peace and global peace guided by the ideologies of "Lokah Samastah Sukinho Bhavantu" , "Manava Seve Madhava Seva" "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World Is One Family".

Denny Thomas's outstanding contributions to society and his efforts towards creating a peaceful and sustainable world make him an inspiration to many like-minded individuals in governmental and nongovernmental organizations worldwide.

Denny Thomas, currently in the Himalayas, is immersed in promoting peace and envisions a world where global peace is attained through prosperity. He emphasizes sustainable environmental initiatives to contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet and cultivate a more sustainable future. While serving the sacred land -Devbhoomi- of Uttarakhand and engaging in the devotional service of Charitra temples, "Denny Amrithagiri" is actively involved in the promotion of "Vishwa Shanti Ke Liye Yagna" (Sacred Ritual for Global Peace). As a student in the Himalayas, he is learning “the healthy way of living” and implementing spiritual practices, channelling his efforts into the service of the divine land, Punyasthan.

Through his trust, Satkarma Foundation, and with the support of various governmental and non-governmental organizations, corporations, and NPOs worldwide, Denny's collaborative endeavors are poised to make a meaningful impact on a global scale. His remarkable contributions to global peace and spirituality have earned him recognition as The Global Peace Messenger by various esteemed organizations and entities, including the Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth in Goa, India, the Eminence Awards in Goa, India, and the Council for Universal Peace.

During his Japan chapter in 2022-23, Denny Thomas developed meaningful associations with prominent social leaders in Japan through associations with the Good office of the Ambassador and Members from JIA, JICA and the Rotary Clubs.

Through extensive dialogue and engagement, they explored the shared ethos of both Japan and India as peace-loving nations. Denny facilitated a cultural exchange by gifting Integral books written by the late founder SrikantJi and the Sacred "Rudraksha Mala," fostering a spiritual connection that transcends borders.

This exchange aims to deepen mutual understanding on common school of thoughts, laying the groundwork for collaborative efforts towards the shared goal of "global peace and health”.

During his Japan chapter in 2022-23, Denny Thomas developed meaningful associations with prominent social leaders in Japan through associations with the Good Office of the Ambassador and Members from JIA,JICA, and the Rotary Clubs. He holds admiration for Japan's innovation and research-oriented philosophy and "Omoiyari"(kind, compassionate, respectful) culture.

Awards and Recognitions   

Together, let's embark on this journey for global peace, uniting our hearts and efforts to create a world where compassion and understanding prevail in our one big global family - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

Join us with your prayers and possible actions to make this vision a reality.🙏


Satkarma Foundation

'Sat Karma' is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, multidisciplinary institution that acts as a gateway for engaging in social, political, cultural and economic spheres for social causes, deeply rooted in the principle “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – The World is one Family.

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Amrithagiri Eco Life, a visionary social venture, is passionately committed to advancing sustainable living through the promotion of organic, natural, and eco-friendly farming methods. Our initiatives are currently in the picturesque landscapes of Kerala and Himalayas.

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Integral Books

Integral Books, founded by (Late) K.B. Nair (Guru Srikantji), is dedicated to researching and publishing the knowledge of India's spiritual heritage with a modern scientific perspective, which is of universal significance, especially during this time of severe existential crisis.

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Positions and Designations

Proud Member

@ Rotary Club, Yokohama North, Japan

@ Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA)

@ CSLI Board of the Lazarus Union

@ Special Emissary of the International Society of Diplomats (ISD)

Founder and Former Chairman

Awards and Recognitions

Global Peace Ambassador Award

All India Eminence Awards, Goa, India

Peace Leader Award

From Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth, Goa, India

Doctorate in Philosophy in Human Science and Peace

From Logos University, USA.

World Peace Ambassador Award

From Council for Universal Peace, held @ World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE.

Doctorate in Business Administration

From FACMED - Faculdade De Ciencias Medicas E Juridica, government accredited by the Federative Republic of Brazil.