Shuddhi Karma (Purification Action): Acknowledge and rectify wrongdoings towards the body, mind, and soul. Maintain a diary to note down past misdeeds, then symbolically release and cleanse oneself from these by cutting ties with these actions and actively engaging in cleansing practices for inner purification.

Kritagnya Karma (Gratitude Action): Cultivate a deep sense of thankfulness towards the divine or the universe. Express gratitude for the blessings of human existence, the gift of life in this beautiful world, and acknowledge these blessings by regularly thanking the divine power or the higher existence.

Darwin’s theory revisited: 19th century: Survival of the fittest 21st century: Survival of the helpless

I for India: I was made by India I wish to make India

The mind finds sustenance in the West. The heart is nurtured by the East. Without this balance, the science that propels us forward may unleash self-destructive forces, endangering our existence on this planet.

Wage a war for peace. Compete not in strength, but in eliminating poverty, championing equality, empowering women, and providing education. Shaping a generation rooted in the essence of humanity #peacewar where compassion is the battleground, and victory is a harmonious, just world.

Finally, the mirror revealed where my true enemy resides.

Believe in Oneness One World, One Family vasudhaiva kutumbakam

Human quandary: We want to give advice but not appreciation - We want to receive appreciation but not advice

Purity - the state of happiness acquired when our actions align with our conscience. Intelligence can never transcend the power of purity and integrity. Nurture a pure heart, it will make you contented and eventually lead you to wisdom. Always hold on to purity, inner strength, and happiness.

The delicate balance and equilibrium of our nature is disrupted by HUMAN BEINGS. Restoring this harmony is the duty of those souls selected by nature's supreme will. Let's unite, hand in hand, to protect and preserve our Mother Nature.

Finally, The Mirror Revealed Where My True Enemy Resides

Honesty has a Power that very few people can handle

Religious freedom and freedom of conscience is a litmus test of all human rights